1. Read Ch. 6 in Foundation AS 3.0
  2. Create a sketch or animation that describes your experience at Parsons. It may be a static sketch or a time-based animation.
    1. This assignment is meant to be interpreted openly. You may describe your mood, a feeling, or a narrative.
      1. For example, code example 6 from class could describe how I might be constantly working on more projects than I can handle. Many near completion (fade off), but many do not…and they keep coming up.
      2. You may use the timeline if you wish, but you must demonstrate the use of Actionscript beyond frame-related actions.
        1. Use sprites or movieclips with Drawing List and property manipulation
          use Drawing API
          A combination of the two
      3. Be prepared to share your assignment in class.
        1. You will be asked to present your concept and your code
        2. I will offer informal critique