1. Read and Review Ch. 3
  2. Review the array solution from week 2 (see link above)
  3. Re-work your animated mad-lib from week 2 if it’s not working:
    1. animation depends on conditionals
    2. loop it through to show how it changes based on the condition
    3. please feel free to reference your classmate’s code, but note where you got it from in your comments
  4. Create a Flash project that uses an external class and custom-defined class
    1. Ipod.as (custom-defined class), has the following properties
      1. type – a string that describes the type of ipod (e.g., “shuffle”, “nano”, “classic”, “touch”, “iPhone”)
      2. color – a string that describes the color of the ipod (e.g., “black”, “white”, “silver”, “red”, “blue”, “yellow”, “purple”)
      3. diskSize – a number that describes the size of the hard drive (e.g., 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 160)
      4. cost – a number that is the cost of the iPod
    2. Create a document class (Main.as or whatever you want to call it)
      1. within this class, create one of each type of iPod
      2. loop through all your iPods and indicate it’s type, color, and diskSize
      3. assume any type can be any color, have any disk size, and have any cost, but if you want to enforce some rules on that, feel free

      iPod Source