1. Read Ch. 3.
  2. Make your Mad Lib from Week 1 output over time according to the solution for the advanced assignment from week 1.
    1. Add animation to the timeline so each line of your Mad Lib that is output has a visual association with it (may be literal or abstract)
    2. Experiment with dynamic narrative:
      1. Place at least two conditionals in the code that change the lines that are output.
      2. Get the Mad Lib to loop back on itself once.
      3. Based on the logic of conditions and looping, the corresponding animation should also change.
    3. madLibSource

  3. Create an array of the names of everyone in the class including the teacher heeding the following requirements
    1. create a function that adds one person to the array at a time
      1. the function must take 2 parameters, one for first name and one for last name
      2. the function must announce the addition of the person added with a trace statement
    2. once the array has been created, output the names in a list as the first name, followed by a space, followed by the last name
      1. should be alphabetical by first name
    3. hint: there is more than one solution possible
  4. classArraySource