1. Create a website where you will be uploading assignments completed for the class (I will be adding these sites to the Blogroll). Post a comment to this blog post with a link to your site.


2. On your website, link to a Flash project that you have already done (it is okay if you have not already done one). If you do not wish to show it publicly, you may zip it up and email it to me.

This is my first time playing with flash, so I’ve attached the results of a tutorial I was playing with this week <a href=”http://a.parsons.edu/~leek603/kleeTutorial.fla.zip”>here</a&gt;.

3. On your website, link to a Flash site or project that you like and describe what you like about it.

<a href=”http://uploads.ungrounded.net/221000/221483_Play.swf”>This</a&gt; is super interesting. I like the creative use of animation and sound. I wish it were interactive, though. I think that would add to it, but even though it’s just an animation, it’s very appealing. It’s such a simple concept.

4. Foundation in Actionscript 3.0 Reading

  • Ch. 1 – p. 3-16
  • Ch. 2


5. Using the example 8_variablesAndConstants as a template, create your own Mad Libs that you can play with your friends by using variables to store the blank nouns, verbs, and adverbs, etc. Your assignment must meet the following requirements:

  • 75-200 words
  • Uses at least 6 variables
  • Involves at least one calculation for a variable of the Number datatype
  • Zip up your assignment and upload to your website

<a href=”http://a.parsons.edu/~leek603/kleeMadLib.fla.zip”>MadLib source</a>